Do you guarantee your work?

YES! I guarantee all my workmanship for life. If anything fails or falls apart, I'll fix it or replace it. Period. Now, if you put it through the wash or a thresher, you're on you own. I'm kidding. I will still replace it for a discounted price.

What makes your products last a lifetime?

All of my work is made from quality leather, thread and hardware that lasts a long time, but not forever. That's why I make my leather goods so they are repairable,  not replaceable. I use braided, waxed polyester Ritza Tiger thread from Germany and the stitching method I use locks the thread of every stitch in place with a knot. If a stitch breaks, it won't unravel and the piece won't fall apart.

Do you have a factory?

Nope. No staff. No warehouse. No robots. It's just me.

Why does it take so long to ship?

All of my leather goods are built-to-order. That means, you order it, I build it. I hand cut the leather and everything is hand-stitched. As I am only one person, there may be orders ahead of yours as well. I may also have to order hardware specific to your order, such as belt buckles. All these things take time. If I anticipate your order being delayed beyond the typical three weeks, I will let you know asap.

What leather do you use?

Currently, I am using three Newport Crazy leathers from a variety of respected tanneries including (but not limited to) Sepici and Conceria Puccini Attilio (Italy), Horween, Wicket and Craig, S.B.Foot, and Seidel Tanning (USA). I can access nearly any colour of leather belt straps (not shown). Here is a sample of some of the leather I currently have in stock:


My leather goods have a rustic and rugged feel and appearance.  As such, I use quality, naturally distressed, full-grain leather. This means that its of the highest quality, however, there will be variation in color tone and may be naturally occurring fat lines, scars and scratches. I believe this worn appearance gives leather more character and beauty.

The availability of specific leathers is cyclical so a leather in stocks today may not be readily available to me. As a solo artisan, I can't afford to purchase large quantities of even my most popular leather. I do my best to keep your choice of leather up to date so there are no surprises.

What's up with the tartan?

My ancestry is Scottish, I play the highland bagpipes and I just love tartan. I think ancient, weathered and hunting tartans look great with leather. That being said, you can definitely order my leather goods without tartan.

I use quality 100% wool tartan fabric from a variety of weaving mills in the United Kingdom including (but not limited to) Lochcarron of Scotland and House of Edgar. They produce the best kilting fabric in Scotland and are the tartan fabric of choice for many kiltmakersworldwide. 

If you want something made with a specific tartan, such as your family clan tartan, I require a couple of additional weeks to bring it in. The cost of my products with specific tartans is higher due to the cost of the fabric and shipping.