The Brogue Modern Sporran

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Originally a simple leather drawstring bag hanging from a Highlander's belt, the sporran has been an integral part of traditional Highland dress. Although today's sporrans are typically more ornate, they serve the same purpose as a means to carry small, everyday items. 

This is a custom, one-of-a-kind, handmade sporran with a brogue pattern punched into the facing trim. What makes this sporran particularly unique is the phone slip on the back side and interior details, including three card slots and a change purse made of the same leather as the outside. The hardware is gunmetal black, another unique feature.

My sporrans, like all my leather goods, are all hand cut, carved, dyed and stitched by hand. I use only high-quality, full-grain leather, Italian dyes and braided, waxed Ritza Tiger thread. I use higher-quality hardware than most other sporran makers; heavier chain, brass roller buckles, two belt stays and thicker leather belt straps.